A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This is a game that was, judging by what files I can dig up on it, made between Spring and Summer of 2015. It has been exhumed for the Bring Out Your Dead Jam.

The game was an attempt to recreate the freedom of working on shooters again after my unfortunately-titled magnum opus Project L. This game was largely an excuse to implement whatever I wanted to. There's a couple features hiding in the code that never get used in the single small level. Still, a couple of them are hidden in the main menu. See if you can find all three!

I may return to the general concept behind this game. (Believe me, I had quite the story planned out.) However, the source code for RGBA is such a mess that starting over is probably the best course of action. Perhaps this tale will be told, but it won't be for a while.

This game was made in Processing, and the font used is Press Start 2P.

Arrow keys to shoot, WASD to move, number keys to use special abilities, and P to take a screenshot.

UPDATE Sept. 3, 2016: I found out I left No Clip Mode on in the version I released, so I fixed that and repackaged everything. The Mac OS X and 64-bit Linux versions wouldn't upload, however, so those will be up sometime later.

UPDATE Sept. 7, 2016: I have good internet again, so up go those two versions!

Install instructions

The Mac version comes bundled with Java, so that should run fine.

The Windows and Linux versions, meanwhile, probably require installing Java.


application.linux-armv6hf.zip 4 MB
application.linux32.zip 4 MB
application.windows32.zip 4 MB
application.windows64.zip 4 MB
application.macosx.zip 62 MB
application.linux64.zip 4 MB

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