This is a short game about sorting words and data entry made in one day for the #ConstraintsJam. Use the up and down arrows to sort words into the categories they belong in.

(And yes, Y counts as a vowel.)


-5MB or less. (Uncompressed, it's a trim 98 KB.)

-30 second levels.

-ASCII character art.

-Only one life (or in this case, no checkpoints).

UPDATE 11/9/2015: Game updated to impose a time penalty for guessing wrong and to fix a weird bug. I don't think this counts as cheating, as it's still within the 48 hours. Still, it feels best to note it here so potential judges can know.

UPDATE 12/22/2015: As part of my Yuletide cleaning up, the arrow keys no longer scroll the page. Better late than never.


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Ha! This is fantastic. Thanks for contributing. This feels like the reason I make games in the first place :)

Thank you very much! :)